As of May 15,2020, our offices have moved to:

1 Mercantile Street, Suite 760

Worcester, MA  01608


Upon entering the garage from the Foster Street entrance, our clients should take a sharp right into the lane marked “VISITOR”. On your left will be a call button which you should push. The garage attendant will answer, and you should say that you are going to O’Connor, Maloney. The attendant will lift the gate for you to get in and proceed to park in the area marked “VISITOR PARKING”. You should exit the garage on the Foster Street side and walk to the front of the building on the corner of Mercantile Street. If the door is locked, push the buzzer outside and when security responds tell them you are going to O’Connor, Maloney. Once inside the building, security will call us, and someone must go down to meet you and escort you to our office. When you are exiting the parking garage, you will again drive through the lane marked “VISITOR”, buzz the attendant and tell them you are leaving O’Connor, Maloney. The attendant will lift the gate for you to drive out.

There are tokens for Saint Vincent hospital patients to take on their way into the building, but clients should not take a token. If you do so in error, or if you are prompted to pay at the gate when leaving the garage, DO NOT PAY. Explain to the attendant what happened, and he will let you out.