As of May 15,2020, our offices have moved to:

1 Mercantile Street, Suite 760

Worcester, MA  01608


There are two entrances to the parking garage, Foster Street and Eaton Place.  If entering from Foster Street, use one of the lanes to the right to access our parking garage.  The lane furthest to the left leads to a different garage and we will not be able to validate your ticket.  Upon entering our parking garage stop at one of the gates.  Request a ticket using the touch screen on the kiosk on your left and the gate will lift.  Please do not use your credit card to enter the garage.  We will not be able to validate your parking if a credit card is used to enter.  Be sure to bring your ticket with you.  We will need the ticket number to validate your parking.  Once in the garage, you should exit the garage on the Foster Street side and walk to the front of the building on the corner of Foster Street and Mercantile Street. If the door is locked, push the buzzer outside and when security responds tell them you are going to O’Connor, Maloney. Once inside the building, security will call up to our office and someone will come down to meet you. If we forget to ask, be sure to remind us to validate your ticket.  When exiting the parking garage, the gate should open automatically as you approach it.  If it doesn’t open automatically, you will need to scan your ticket using the kiosk.